New Vision for 2019 - 5 Reasons to get LASIK

Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around improving yourself, so why not consider improving your vision in 2019?  Are you tired of waking up and reaching for your glasses because the room is blurry or struggling every day with contacts?  LASIK surgery may be the answer to make your new vision resolution a reality.

Here are five reasons to get LASIK:

#1) No more glasses or contacts - Imagine being able to work out or play a sport without your glasses bouncing on your face or experiencing sweat and dirt irritating your contact lenses.  LASIK can improve your overall quality of life and can make the little things like actually seeing your face when doing your make-up or being able to wear regular (non-prescription) goggles when you ski or swim less of a hassle.

#2) LASIK is usually a painless procedure - Most of our patients say they don’t feel any pain at all during LASIK. You will be given a mild sedative to help you relax before the procedure and then we apply numbing eye drops. LASIK does not hurt during the procedure; however you may feel some pressure on your eyes which is normal. Even after the numbing eye drops have worn off, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.  Recovery time is very minimal for most patients and some can usually return to normal activities within two days after the procedure.

#3) LASIK is affordable – Affordable LASIK is within your reach, and one payment option is your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) offered through your workplace. LASIK is considered a qualified medical procedure for your FSA/HAS, and many plans have a grace period extending a couple of months into the new plan year.  So, if you have leftover money from 2018, hurry and take advantage of using those pre-tax dollars to pay for your new vision in 2019. But, if you have already used those funds, we also offer an affordable payment plan through CareCredit to finance your LASIK procedure at 0% Intertest for 24 months.

#4) LASIK is safe – As with any surgery, you should do your homework and understand the procedure.  Having concerns about the safety of LASIK surgery and your eyesight is normal. However, LASIK is the most frequently performed elective surgery and complications are very rare.  At McFarland Eye Care many of our team members have had LASIK, including our surgeon, Dr. Evan Newbolt.

#5) LASIK patients say they wish they had done it sooner - We find that many patients think about the surgery for years before they actually do it and then share that they wish they would of had it done sooner. LASIK provides immediate results to the patient’s vision and it improves throughout the healing progresses. It is truly life-changing. Read Sven’s story here about how LASIK changed his life, or read Timie’s!

Contact our office to schedule a consultation or get information about using your FSA/HSA funds for your LASIK procedure. In 2019, why not resolve to enjoy your new year and your new vision? 

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