The Importance of Sunglasses | McFarland Eye Care


Whether your Spring Break plans include a week in sunny, southern Florida,

Or maybe hitting the ski slopes in Colorado,

Or taking the family on a Caribbean cruise,

Or climbing majestic Pinnacle Mountain,

Or having a picnic on a beautiful Arkansas lake,

One of the most important things to remember to bring for you and the family are your SUNGLASSES! 

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Why Are Sunglasses Important?

Sure everyone looks cute and cool in sunglasses, but aside from that, why do sunglasses matter?

First and foremost, there are three reasons sunglasses help protect the eyes.

  • The first is the retina inside the eye where light-sensitive nerve tissue lives must be protected. Wearing sunglasses protect these photoreceptors from UV damage.

  • The second is the lens of the eye; nearly everyone will eventually develop some clouding of the lens which is known as cataracts. Protecting the eyes from the sunlight may slow the progression of cataracts.

  • Lastly, skin cancer on the eyelids should be a concern. Protection from sun exposure to this sensitive area is recommended especially in patients with a history of skin cancers. Another perk of those sunglasses is helping to avoid wrinkles around the eyes due to squinting in the bright sunlight.

Be selective when shopping for your sunglasses.  Darker lenses are not necessarily better.  Always double check to make sure they have 100% UV protection. Look for labels with broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) coverage. Polarized lenses are helpful because they reduce the glare caused by light reflecting off surfaces such as water or snow. Larger frames provide more coverage of the skin and block more of the sun’s rays. Every added layer of protection helps reduce the risk of eye damage.

Don’t think the sun doesn’t bother you and don’t ignore the warnings because you don’t want to get the “owl eyes” sunglass tan. Remember everyone is affected by the damaging UV rays and your vision is important! Even the youngest of children should be encouraged to wear sunglasses.

Sunglass shopping can be fun but it can also be difficult to decide with all the options available. Come visit our optical stores and we will help you find the best pair of sunglasses for your lifestyle. As you make your family plans and get ready for outdoor fun during Spring Break, don’t forget your eye health does matter so protecting that priceless vision with sunglasses does matter too!