Sanford Hooper, OD

Board Certified Optometric Physician

Dr. Hooper graduated from the Southern College of Optometry. His specialties include: diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, contact lens fitting, prescriptive glasses and he sees patients of all ages.

He is a past president of the Arkansas affiliate of the American Diabetic Association. Dr. Hooper sees many patients for screening and diagnosis of diabetic related eye diseases.

"Dr. Hooper in Little Rock is the BEST. I am being watched for glaucoma and he always answers my questions, no matter how silly they are!"

– Emily Thomas

"Doctor Hooper is excellent as well as the staff! I would definitely recommend!"

– Alexia Dominguez

"Dr. Hooper has taken care of my family for years. He has an amazing team. I highly recommend them!"

– Derek Doepel

"We love Dr. Hooper. Always on time and his staff is excellent."

– Sharon Newman

"I feel Dr. Hooper and his staff really care about my eye health and offer the best services than anywhere I have been before."

– G. Watson

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