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Embrace Your Youth With McFarland Eye Care Embrace RF

Dr. Wilkes Latest Aesthetics Procedure Has Arrived: Non-Surgical Face Lift

When it comes to addressing the effects of aging, a common concern for many patients is that surgery, like a facelift, is too extreme of an option for them, but non-surgical treatments are not enough.

Embrace is the latest innovation in facial aesthetics by InMode. Embrace fills the treatment gap between non-surgical treatments and traditional plastic surgery, providing women and men with a beautiful, significant, and long-lasting solution to the effects of aging. This minimally invasive radio-frequency treatment helps to improve facial contours by firming the skin and slimming stubborn areas of fat with little to no downtime and permanent results.

Dr. Byron Wilkes and the skilled team at McFarland Eye Care are thrilled to be the first and only practice in Arkansas to offer the incredible benefits of EmbraceRF to women and men who are wanting surgical-like results without the scars or recovery.

Dr. Wilkes will perform a consultation to determine the best result or you.

Embrace components:

Embrace can be used to provide women and men in their thirties and up with surgical-like results without having to undergo traditional plastic surgery. The results are permanent, and downtime following the procedure is much shorter than with alternatives such as a facelift.

Your Embrace treatment can be customized by Dr. Wilkes to:

Am I a Candidate For Embrace?

During your personal consultation, Dr. Wilkes will carefully analyze the condition of your skin and listen to your goals to determine if Embrace is a good option for you. He will help answer any questions or concerns you may have about this treatment, as well as offer any alternative procedures or treatments that might be better for your unique situation.

However, not all patients are right for Embrace. Women and men experiencing more severe skin sagging may be best suited for surgery in order to fully address the underlying facial muscles.

Because Embrace is typically performed under local anesthesia rather than general sedation, you will be able to return home shortly after your treatment. There is little downtime associated with Embrace, but some bruising, swelling, and tenderness of the treated area is to be expected.

Results are immediately noticeable following a single Embrace treatment session. The most significant improvement can typically be seen at about the six-week point, but results will continue to improve for up to a full year. Similar to more invasive surgical procedures, the benefits of your Embrace procedure should last for several years.  However, when considering any cosmetic procedure, surgery or otherwise, it is important to remember that no procedure can stop the effects of aging.

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