Are you thinking about buying a new pair of glasses soon?

If you have a flexible spending plan and money left over, stylish new specs could be the perfect gift for you! Whether you’re in need of a new pair or simply want to treat yourself, now is a great time to find some fabulous frames.

With so many choices out there, it might be difficult to decide what’s best for your unique face shape, personality and skin tone.

Don’t spend hours staring at rows and rows of frames, weighing your options and stressing yourself out. We have some quick and easy tips that’ll make the decision process a little easier!

Face Shape

The shape of your face plays a large role when it comes to how a pair of frames will look on you. You definitely want to choose frames that will complement your face shape and enhance your overall look.

  • Round: If your facial shape is round, we recommend going with square or rectangular frames. These will make your face appear longer and a bit more slim, which will balance out your features.
  • Square: Round or oval frames will balance out your facial angles and contrast your features.
  • Heart-Shaped: Balance the width of your forehead and high cheekbones out with oval or round-shaped frames with curved edges. 
  • Diamond: Cat-eye frames are a great pick for you, and will help accentuate your cheekbones. 


You want to go for a pair of glasses that’ll look snazzy with your skin tone, eye color and hair color. If you have a warm complexion, go for gold, earthy green, honey or brown frames. If you have a cooler skin tone, shades of black, blue, pink and silver are all great options. You should also pick a color that will complement your eyes, hair and general wardrobe. Keep in mind you’ll likely be wearing these pretty often! 


We saved the best for last! You definitely want your specs to match up with your unique personality. If you work in an office and your go-to is business casual, pick some frames that are sleek and sophisticated. If you want to show off your fun, artistic side, get a colorful pair with a funky frame shape. Make sure that your glasses add to your overall look and give off the vibe you’re looking for. You can completely change your look with a good pair of glasses, so you might even benefit from having several pairs for different occasions!

Picking glasses can be difficult, but it’s always exciting to see yourself in a new pair. Do you need help finding the perfect frames for you? Don’t wait. Contact us today if you have any questions, and come see us at one of our optical centers in Little Rock or Hot Springs!