Dr. Mike McFarland Wins Best of the Best in Ophthalmology!

We are SO excited to announce that Dr. Mike McFarland has been voted “Best of the Best” in Ophthalmology by the readers of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette!

Those of us who work for Dr. McFarland know that he is a history-making, exceptional eye surgeon who has made tremendous contributions to Ophthalmology - including the invention of “No-Stitch” Cataract Surgery! We also know him as a genuine, kind and humble person who never stops learning or growing. We are so excited that he has, yet again, received this honor! We think the world of “Dr. Mac” and we are thrilled that our patients do, too!

He will also be the first to say that his success is all about the team of doctors and staff at McFarlands. His theory is that people vote for him because they know his name… but they are really voting for their positive experiences at McFarland Eye Care, which is made possible by the dedication of all our doctors and team members.

“I’m like a proud parent when I hear people talking about my doctors and my staff. I get to work with some of the finest people that I’ve ever known, not just professionally but personally.”

McFarland wins Best of the Best

Doctor says improving patients’ vision is ‘an act of love’

For nearly 40 years, ophthalmologist Mike McFarland, M.D., and the staff at McFarland Eye Care have worked to provide loving care using the most advanced technology. This year, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette readers showed appreciation for McFarland’s work by voting him Best Ophthalmologist in the Best of the Best contest.  

“It’s a real honor,” McFarland said. “This is a team effort down here. I’m just on the team.”

McFarland began his practice 37 years ago after attending medical school at Louisiana State University. A friend in the university’s ophthalmology program invited him to observe an eye surgery, and McFarland said it was “mind-blowing” to see the human eye beneath a microscope. “I thought it was the most incredible, fascinating thing I’d ever seen in my life, and I still think that,” he said. “It is still the most amazing thing for me to work under an operating microscope every day.”

 In 1981, he opened McFarland Eye Care in Pine Bluff, where he said he revolutionized cataract care by inventing no-stitch cataract surgery in 1990. He later opened additional clinics in Hot Springs, Little Rock and Bryant.

McFarland and his team handle all kinds of eye-care needs, from routine vision maintenance to procedures such as laser-assisted cataract surgery and ophthalmic plastic surgery. He said he works to stay on the cutting edge of technology, using the latest equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional results to his patients.

 “I love high-tech stuff and love being able to offer it to our patients,” he said. “It’s another thing that separates us, sets us apart from the rest of the competition, because we can offer better, more consistent, safer surgery and results than other people can.”

McFarland added that his practice would not be successful without his team of nurses, physicians and support staff. “I’m like a proud parent when I hear people talking about my doctors and my staff,” he said. “I get to work with some of the finest people that I’ve ever known, not just professionally but personally.” Staff members cultivate deep relationships and share their lives with one another, he said, adding that they read Scripture together in the morning. McFarland said his Christian faith plays a major role in his work.

 “It’s not a labor of love — it’s an act of love,” he said. “I serve God by serving my patients. That’s what this practice is centered on.”

(Writen by Sarah DeClerk, Published by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on 10/26/18)

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