A Look Into LASIK

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Have you heard of the wonders of LASIK but have been nervous to experience them yourself? Well, now you can know exactly what to expect thanks to Timie Yancy and her behind the scenes insights.

Timie had not been able to see the world without glasses since she was 12 years old. She even slept with her glasses on when her children were babies worried that something would happen and she wouldn't be able to find her glasses fast enough to see and help her children. The thought of LASIK terrified her, not knowing what to expect. Her husband had recommended LASIK for her for years, but she did not want to take the step for fear of what might happen.  

In June, she decided the gift of a life free from glasses and contacts was worth it and she had LASIK surgery with McFarland Eye Care and Dr. Evan Newbolt. She posted a Facebook live video after her surgery here. More than 2,000 people have watched and learned more about LASIK and how it can changed her life in a matter of seconds.

Timie described her LASIK procedure as feeling some pressure, like a foreign sensation. Dr. Newbolt talked her through the entire process, which lasted only 10 minutes. She noticed the difference in her vision immediately, and began seeing the benefits of the procedure on the way home. For Timie, the worst part was not being able to wear her eye makeup for a week after her procedure.

"The last time I was able to see the world without the assistance of contacts or glasses was at the age of 12,” Timie said. “Today, at the age of 37 I feel so free. I can wake up and see the beauty of the world immediately without grabbing blindly for my glasses. LASIK surgery is (to me) the 8th wonder of the world. My only regret... I didn't do this years ago!"

We know having LASIK performed can be nerve wracking. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable and at ease before, during, and after your procedure. Timie mentioned the massage chairs in the waiting room in her live video. That’s just one way we make sure you are comfortable during your procedure. When we say “Experience the McFarland Difference,” we mean it.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you from trying something new. Thanks to Timie and her first-hand account of her LASIK experience, you don’t have to. She broke down LASIK step by step so you can know exactly what to expect before, during and after the surgery. The only thing keeping you from getting LASIK is you. Are you ready to see the world in a new way? 20/20 vision without corrective lenses is an option, and one of the most common comments we hear from our LASIK patients is that they wish that they’d done it sooner!

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