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Flexible Spending Plan + LASIK

Flexible Spending McFarland Eye Care

Do you have a Flexible Spending Plan (FSA) through your workplace or employer? Many people have access to this account that allows you to set back money for health expenditures on a pre-tax basis without knowing it! This means that during your enrollment period, you can allot money for qualified medical procedures from your pay before taxes. When money is held back on a pre-tax basis, it means that the amount is not taxed at that time, giving you more money to spend on a qualified procedure (like LASIK). This is a useful tool when used to cover known expenses (like a planned procedure) or deductibles.  

As open enrollment season approaches, it’s a good idea to determine how much - if any - money to put back on a pre-tax basis for the upcoming year. It’s important to think this through, because often this money is not rolled over into the next year and must be spent in the year that it is set aside. Many people chose this time to schedule elective procedures such as LASIK so that this money does not go to waste. Or, you can elect to use it for cosmetic procedures or treatments such as Kybella.

These funds can also be used in conjunction with other payment methods (such as Care Credit) to pay for a procedure. If you are curious about using FSA funds for a procedure at McFarland Eye Care, let us know! We can help! 

What is the Cost of Lasik?

LASIK Cost - McFarland Eye Care

We hear this question a lot.

And it's a great question to ask! Many people have questions about investing in LASIK. If you’ve ever considered LASIK surgery for yourself, you probably have a few questions about cost and payment options.

We encourage our patients not to think about LASIK in terms of what it may "cost" them. Rather, LASIK is an investment. This is money you will invest in your vision, in simplifying your life, having peace of mind and in saving you time. When deciding if LASIK is worth the investment, it might be helpful to consider these top questions:

What does LASIK treatment cover?

At McFarlands, we offer state-of-the-art, custom bladeless LASIK for all our LASIK patients. We do not have tiers of packages for features and ad-ons. We offer every single patient our best - safe and proven LASIK technology coupled with the personalized care of our skilled surgeon, Dr. Evan Newbolt, and his staff. 

All visits prior to your LASIK surgery are completely FREE to you, regardless if you decide to have LASIK! Your LASIK fee covers your LASIK surgery and all postoperative care for a year.

What is the recovery time for LASIK surgery?

One of the great things about bladeless custom LASIK surgery is the fast recovery time. While we recommend that patients take it easy for the next day after their LASIK surgery, many patients are able to resume normal activities the very next day. Most of our patients do not have to take more than two days off of work. Many choose to go back to work the next day after their one day postoperative appointment. Each patient is different. Your doctor will explain your specific recovery time.

When does it makes sense financially?

Depending on the type of contact lenses and glasses you wear, LASIK vision correction may save you money! Just imagine if you never had to buy contacts, glasses and solution again! In addition, the FDA considers LASIK a safe, permanent procedure, which is great news! This means that you can enjoy the benefits of living life free of the inconvenience and expense of glasses and contacts for years!

There are a number of tools available to compare the cost of LASIK to the lifetime costs associated with glasses or contact lenses. has an easy to use calculator that can be found here.

Ultimately, you will determine if LASIK is worth the investment. We recommend gathering all possible information from your eye physician and determining what makes sense for you. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have about financing and payment options.